About Mike

Shellito Training and Consulting specializes in organizational development and planning for government agencies, professional organizations and private companies.

Mike’s expertise in leadership development and strategies for creating high performing organizations has proven invaluable for the agencies he has worked with. His formula of vision, culture and systems of best practices will help both individual and agencies take performance to the next level. A dynamic and popular speaker and trainer, Mike has worked with over 100 organizations throughout the United States.

Shellito Training and Consulting will help your agency, association or company improve individual and organizational performance through customized training programs and consulting services. The company was founded in 2010 by Mike Shellito, former City Manager and Parks & Recreation Director for the City of Roseville in northern California.

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As a consultant and trainer, Mike has a unique ability to help individuals and organizations become more effective because of his insightfulness, knowledge of best practices and real world experience in producing results that matter. Mike has worked successfully with public agencies professional associations and private companies throughout the United States.

Prior to his retirement in 2010, Mike served as the City Manager for the City of Roseville in northern California. As City Manager, Mike was responsible for the operation of a full service City with 2,000 employees and a budget in excess of $400 million. Prior to his appointment as City Manager, Mike served as the Director of Parks and Recreation where he oversaw the planning, development and operations of Roseville’s Gold Medal Award winning park system.

During his 35 year career, Mike received numerous professional awards for his innovative and progressive approach to management, including the National Recreation and Park Association’s Distinguished Service Award and the California Park and Recreation Society’s Hall of Fame Award. Mike is a graduate of Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy’s School of Government’s Executive Program and the Disney Institute.

Mike is a member of the American Academy for Parks and Recreation Administration, past President of the California Parks and Recreation Society and has served as the United States Commissioner to the International Federation of Parks and Recreation Association. Mike has served on professional development activities with the National Recreation and Park Association, the League of California Cities and ICMA.

Consulting Services

Shellito Training and Consulting offers strategic planning services and organizational assessment and development for cities, counties and special districts. Mike has worked with over 40 public and private agencies in evaluating and improving operational effectiveness and cost effectiveness.

Specialty Areas

  • Organizational Assessment & Redesign
  • Management Audit
  • Cost of Service Studies
  • Revenue Management & Pricing Plans
  • Business Planning
  • Policy Governance for Elected Officials
  • Parks and Recreation Strategic Planning
  • Master Planning Parks and Recreation Systems
  • Reorganization and Consolidation Studies
  • Outsourcing & Contracting Public Services
  • Succession Planning & Employee Development
  • Placemaking and Designing World Class Parks & Facilities


To improve the effectiveness and happiness of individuals and organizations who serve the public by expanding and enhancing their knowledge and skills.


Help make people and organizations better in serving their customers and communities.


  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Learning- Doing – Teaching
  • Teamwork & Collaboration
  • Customer Responsiveness